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Go Team 2023! Make Space.

Hey Team!

I know you are probably saying, “Didn’t Christine say that she was done with the Making Space series and getting started on the Go Team series? Why is today’s post called ‘Make Space’?”

You’re right, I did say that. And it is true.

We’re done with the Making Space series for now and this is, indeed, the first ‘Go Team!’ post.

However, it’s ALSO true that before you can add new things into your life, you need to make space for them or everything else is going to get jumbled.

Note: For the record, it’s TOTALLY ok not to be taking on anything new or changing anything up this month. Some people *like* the whole new year ritual but if it makes you feel pressured or upset? Ignore it completely. Please be kind to yourself, no matter what.

You don’t need a huge idea.

You don’t need a crystal clear plan.

You don’t need to make sweeping, drastic changes.

You can just have a vague idea, a mere suggestion of a direction that you *might* want to move towards and you can begin to explore it by considering how the early, smallest steps might fit into your life.

For example, if you want to begin a meditation practice, you could ‘make room’ today by deciding what time of day would make sense for the smallest version of your practice.

Let’s imagine that you will start with 1 minute of meditation.

Where can you reliably find 1 minute most days?

When boiling the kettle? When sitting in your car before going to work? Right before your lunch? Right before bed?

Maybe you’ll want to give that one minute practice a whirl today but maybe you can consider your efforts to make space as your practice for today.

For most of us, changing or creating habits often depends on small, steady movements forward (and a few steps back and then moving forward again) rather than trying to magically transform ourselves in an instant.

It’s ok to count every part of developing your habit as part of the habit itself.

There are many steps involved in making change and the more steps that you can celebrate, the better.

Good luck! Be kind to yourself!

Go Team!

Here’s your gold star for your efforts today:

a drawing of a gold star happy face outlined in green, surrounded ​by gold and green dots
Image description: a drawing of a gold star happy face outlined in green, surrounded by gold and green dots.