Sam is Checking in for December 2022

What happened in December?

It’s a bit of a blur really. Work was exceptionally busy right up until the university closed.

Of course there was Christmas.

Bikes on the Christmas tree

There was a lot of snow and then a lot of rain and associated travel challenges.

I ate a lot of chocolate.

I rode my bike on Zwift.

I completed the reading challenge.

2022 reading challenge

I worked out 440 times in 2022, including snow shoeing at the farm.

Over the holidays I played some games.

I did a ton of physio. Of course. And my knee is being helped by massage therapy too. Thank goodness for benefits.

I also got fitted for a knee brace for my right knee. Sarah has been helping with the snazzy physio tape which seems to help with swelling.

I had a bit of a slip on the no shopping pledge but I’ve re-upped for 2023 until July 2023.

My left knee has good days and bad days. Sometimes I get sad and frustrated that everything still hurts and other days it seems I can walk easily without my cane.

Here’s hoping for more of the good days in 2023.