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Natalie’s greatest blog hits, or six things we’ve learned from her posts

Our friend and fellow blogger Natalie is ending her regular monthly posts with Fit is a Feminist Issue (although you never know what the future holds). Natalie and I started blogging regularly at around the same time, in the summer of 2013. We also both started regular weekly posts (me on Sundays and her on Saturday– Sat with Nat) in 2015.

One: Natalie is capable of endless variety in her selfie photos, revealing a multitude of moods and expressions. If you have followed her posts, you know this already. For those who haven’t, I present to you (some of) the many faces of Nat.

Two: Natalie calls them as she sees them, especially if they involve sexism or other injustice. Her post about getting her hearing checked and encountering unfettered sexism reminds us that it’s not us, it’s them– the folks who make assumptions about female-presenting persons and their social roles and histories, the same folks who get it oh so wrong sometimes.

Three: Natalie walks– no matter what, no matter who (with), no matter where. She’s spent a lot of time walking with her dog Lucy, her partner Michel, her kids, her friends, her self. Her posts on what walking does (good things even if done early or late) and how it makes her feel (good, especially when she has company or some newly oiled reliable winter boots), show me how one person’s working out her movement life, day to day, season to season. It may not be exactly like mine, but I feel solidarity and motivation to work on my own routines when I read about hers.

Four: Natalie is open about sharing what she’s learning about her body as she gets older and encounters health things. From high blood pressure to plantar fasciitis to figuring out how to sleep (and sleep better) with a CPAP machine, Nat’s written about it.

Five: Natalie is the most body-positive person I know, showing all of us (me in particular) ways to like our bodies more. Some of those ways: buy cute thigh socks or lovely leggings, wear a bikini on a boat, and lots of others

Lucy the dog, showing her appreciation for Nat's new leggings, which are green with a white computer board pattern.
Lucy the dog, showing her appreciation for Nat’s new leggings.

Six: And then there’s the belly-patrolling post. It’s one of my favorites and I think will become one of yours too. I’ll say no more– just click and enjoy.

Natalie, thanks for all the honest, funny, sweet, and wise words. And do feel free to post occasional updated reports and selfies!

A selfie of Natalie, wearing glasses, against a wood paneled wall.

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  1. I always enjoy Natalie’s posts here. I will miss hearing from her. Wishing you all the best.

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