Nat’s thankful for her thunder thighs

Recommended Listening: Thunder by Imagine Dragons (be sure to get your thighs jiggling and wiggling for the bridge and chorus)

Oh friends, the size inclusive clothing ads have found me and I couldn’t be happier. It’s cooling off here in even the warmest part of Ontario. It’s sweater weather. It’s cozying under a blanket on the couch in an oversized hoodie weather. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving with turkey, pumpkin pie and cranberry everything weather. There is nothing better than getting into clothes just for me after a workout or my paid work where other things drive my clothing choices.

In the summer ads from started popping up in my social media. They were thigh high socks for thighs like mine. I am a short plus sized human and my thighs are especially generous. Early in puberty they plumped up and have never looked back. It makes finding leggings, pants, nylons…anything on my bottom half hard to find a good fit. BUT THESE MODELS HAD MY THIGHS! and those socks, well they are cute, comfy and sexy AF.

Image is the lower bod of a black woman woman of size with curly long dark hair wearing thigh high teal socks and an ivory leotard.

Even better, these lovely things are available in Canada. I bought 3 pairs and they look as good as the website photos in real life.

My dimpled thighs are comfily tucked into teal socks that are right up to my inseam. They are cute and I feel great wearing them.

I love that the company reclaimed “thunder thighs”, it’s something I’ve been working on. I have very strong legs that have helped me walk, cycle, swim and lift a lot. And when they slap together or jiggle I think of a thunder clap. Like She Hulk or a storm, it’s the sound of power. You can now switch your recommended listening to Thunderstruck by AC/DC if that makes you smile.

Some of the appeal is about wearing clothes I didn’t get to when I was younger. These socks were not on my radar in the 1990s! It’s also about bucking the norms about what a plus sized woman in her late forties “should” wear and who gets to feel cozy/sexy/confident.

My thighs have been feeling all the love this fall in cute skirts and dresses that I paired with Snag leggings and tights . Friends, they also carry fishnets and mock garter tights for all my occasions. More sexy things that fit? YES PLEASE.

My recent thigh love resurgence started last month working out with Lizzo. She is everywhere these days from playing a 200 year old crystal flute while twerking to dropping a new release of her clothing. In her recent tiktok of garter leggings she gets the thunder thighs going. Spoiler, I’m definitely going as Lizzo for Halloween even if it’s just around the house 😉

Finding size inclusive clothing that I actually like the look of and find comfortable to wear has been a loooooong time coming. It helps me feel good in my skin and I’m very thankful for that!

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