My bikini body

I’m on vacation and am enjoying my tour of New Brunswick. I knew there would be plenty of chances to swim and decided I wanted a bikini. I’ve not worn one since I was a teen. I found a great one at Renegade, a London Ontario plus size shop. 

I was visiting my sister and her sweetie in Oromocto and decided to try out the boat bunny perch. I’m delighted by the photos my partner took. 

I had learned that there is a very gendered division of labour aboard most vessels. In this culture heterosexual couples skew to the man being the owner and responsible for maintenance. The woman is to be ornamental and take care of hosting, think Judy on The Love Boat. 

Once I understood that I just new I had to try out being ornamental. Knowing the stereotype of a boat bunny is a young, thin, longhaired cis woman in a bikini I had a lot of fun posing with my bikini body. 

I love these photos and my new bikini. The bikini shows my cyclist tan, my belly that bore my sons and the lumps, bumps and bruises of a body that got my through 600 km of riding my bike in a week. 

About natalieh

I'm a self described fat feminist 42 year old mother of two teenage minions who loves her high energy life partner of over 20 years. I love moving my body and sometimes do yoga, triathlons and dance like a fool. My next measure of success will be being more fierce and less fearful as I roll through my 40s.

14 thoughts on “My bikini body

  1. Christine Tait says:

    These photos are hilarious. You forgot the standard *standing silhouetted by the sun, casually tousling my hair” one though.
    I love seeing cycling tans and bruises on (especially) women. They’re badges of a life being lived well 🙂

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  2. Lovablebam says:

    Love you’re pics xoxo

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  3. Crave_Life says:

    You’re rocking it!

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  4. cdaigle says:

    Way to go! I have decided I am getting a bikini too for my next vacation. Screw the tankini! It is great to have one’s skin exposed to the elements! Enjoy!

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  5. Jean says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. I haven’t even worn a swimsuit in the past decade..I can’t swim. It’s been ages I’ve been in a hot tub/whirlpool. I suppose I of the good things about aging for me is that I inherited my genes from mother: I no longer have to shave my legs, pits because hair no longer grows…

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  6. Go girl..great post and photos..your beautiful and awesome.


  7. Martha says:

    What awesome shots! You look like you are totally having fun. 🙂


  8. 10’s across the board! STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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  9. Naima says:

    This is beautiful! Your confidence is so admirable!


  10. I’m happy for your self confidence. Always important to have at any stage in life


  11. A confident woman is a beautiful woman! Keep it up!


  12. You’re a rockstar! You look great and like you’re having so much fun!
    You’re inspiring me to think about a bikini for the first time in, cough, cough, let’s say a while.

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  13. differentchristian says:

    Good for you! Wear what you want!!


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