Nat is loving living the leggings life!

Friends, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work from home since late March. I’ve written about doing more yoga and walking my dog. One thing that working from home allows me is dressing for comfort. I love wearing leggings as they allow me to go from walking the dog to yoga to working seamlessly. I’m always dressed for the occasion!

I have had this one pair of capris length leggings for ages. I love working out in them as the waistband is comfy yet stays in place. And the print. Well. It’s a marvelous teal and black paisley.

These leggings are known as “Renegade” leggings. That’s the store where I bought them.

The fabric is tough and people often remark how beautiful and well made they are. I decided I needed more awesome leggings in my life so I found the business online

The business is owned & operated by an awesome roller derby player Sewciopath #0.75 She recently rebranded her business to her jersey number from her derby name. You can read more about that decision on her website.

I used to play roller derby, my moniker was Switch Hit Her. Fifteen years ago it seemed a witty play on words of my role as a blocker and being bisexual. My number was 3+ (threesome, ya. A little on the nose) It didn’t age very well. Were I to resume playing I’d need to change it. I love that Amanda chose to go in a new direction with her brand. The timing worked out great as I had been planning on telling folks how happy I am with 3 sets of leggings I purchased from her this year.

I’m not receiving any compensation or benefit for writing this review except to show appreciation for a great business that is size inclusive.

So here are the reasons I’m loving my 3 pairs of leggings.

1) Awesome prints. Check out this motherboard print!

Lucy the wonder dog power pumps my belly to get me to play.

2) Custom waist, inseam and size! I’m short and round so I like a longer waist to ensure my underwear don’t poke out the back of my pants and that the waistband doesn’t cut in. It also gives smoother lines. And the custom inseam/length allows me to pick a cut that ends at a flattering spot that is also super comfy. I need a 3X legging. That can be hard to find with other retailers but are simply part of the size range Point Seven Five offers.

3) cell phone pockets!

Black compression tights with a bisexual pride racing stripe with wonderfully deep cell phone pockets on both sides!

4) Choice of fabrics. I got terry leggings for yoga and compression tights for soccer and running. The cozy terry ones are also great in cooler weather. The compression fabrics help my stomach from hitting against my legs and supports the skin on my inner thighs and knees. No chaffing! And I feel fast. Zoom zoom!

5) Supporting a women owned business that makes durable, beautiful things that help folks in their fitness journey. I think that is pretty awesome.

I have to admit, I’m wearing my leggings all the time. Functional and the designs & colours make me so happy. If you think you’d like to order a pair be sure to visit and use promotion code FitFeminist. You will get 10% off and she knows you found out about her through our blog!

Have you found fitness wear you love lately? Tell me about it!

6 thoughts on “Nat is loving living the leggings life!

  1. Nat, those leggings are amazing! Yay for customizable lengths and rises! There’s a nonzero chance some end up in my shopping cart today.

    I wear leggings to lift in and to run, and because I’ve had to talk myself into my fitness activities lately, I often wear them around the house until I’ve managed to check it off my list for the day. They’re comfy enough, but not stylish, and some of them have no pocket at all, which is a problem if I’m running. I need a place for keys and my ID in case I pass out and someone needs to identify me. 😬🙂 A cell phone pocket would be nice for my daily walk, too. Thanks for highlighting a cool, female-run business!

  2. Just ordered a purple glitter pair and a full length gray yoga pair! One for when I’m feeling jazzy, the other for when I need to stay chill. Thanks for the amazing tip Nat!

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