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Go Team! June 2023: Do Your Own Thing

Hey Team,

If, like me, you are getting worn out by all the ‘Go, go, go!’ fitness and wellness messages that are all over social media right now*, I want to remind you that it is ok to do your own thing.

If you are keen on ramping up your exercise level right now, have at it!

If you are trying to slow things down, that’s good too!

If you are trying something new, that’s great!

If you are sticking with the tried and true, that’s marvellous!

No one else has your body, your brain, your schedule, your experiences, your emotions, your idea.

You can choose what works for you right now.

If you don’t know what might work, you can get some advice, try something different, or get some help but you only have to keep the parts that work for you.

Yes, you may hear a bit of nonsense from people who think they know best but feel free to let that noise fade into the background.

You can do your own thing, move your own way, find your own path, and be content.

As long as you are responding to the needs of your body, your brain, and your heart (literally and metaphorically) then you are doing the right thing.

And if you keep your efforts and your expectations aligned**, you’ll probably feel quite good while you do it.

It takes a bit of work to do your own thing, whatever that might be, so you know that you get a gold star for those efforts.

Here’s a very friendly gold star for you.

Have fun out there!

a drawing of a gold star with a happy expression surrounded by small blue dots and teeny black dots.
Image description: a drawing of a gold star with a happy expression surrounded by small blue dots and teeny black dots.

*Yes, I know they are always there but sometimes there seems to be even more of them than usual and right now is one of them.

** What do I mean by this? Well, I’m advising you to ensure that your expectations reflect the effort that feels right to you right now. So if this is a season for slow walks and meditation, please don’t demand that your body be ready for extreme sports by September. After a season of slow walks and meditation, you’ll probably feel more relaxed and introspective so perhaps your expectations could be that it will be easier to sit in meditation or that your slow walks will be longer or that your legs enjoy the feeling of walking or that you will be more mindful of the changes in nature. Not that you have to aim for ‘more’ of anything, I’m trying to convey a sense of noticeable change rather than trying to make you go bigger.

Let us know what you think....