Dec. 26: Wellness Calendar (Collected Edition)

I’ve collected all the posts in my wellness calendar for you to keep handy. Wellness and self care steps are not just useful for the holidays. The winter will be tough in many places as we go through our second, third, or even fourth waves of the pandemic. There will be other holidays, other sets of expectations to manage. Please remember though, you are enough. You are doing your best. You have value and worth. Be well, stay well.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash Image shows a stack of rocks.

Dec. 25: Make yourself a priority

Dec. 24: Read a book

Dec. 23: Enjoy a cup of tea

Dec. 22: Stuff the turkey not yourself

Dec 21: Embrace the light

Dec. 20: Feel the feels

Dec. 19: Get in touch with your senses

Dec. 18: Get close to water

Dec. 17: Try something new

Dec. 16: Unplug

Dec 15: Make a doodle

Dec. 14: Get dressed

Dec. 13: Have a cuddle

Dec 12: Take your meds

Dec. 11: Delay gratification

Dec. 10: Pick one thing

Dec. 9: Stomp, stomp, stomp

Dec. 8: Stretch, stretch, stretch

Dec. 7: Laughing is good for you

Dec. 6: Get some fresh air

Dec. 5: Move with music

Dec. 4: Take a nap!

Dec. 3: Remember to eat

Dec. 2: Stay hydrated

Dec. 1: You are always enough

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