Dec. 2: Stay hydrated

We all experience stress for various reasons. Holidays can bring their own levels of anxiety, regardless of the traditions in which we grew up. Instead of an advent calendar, to borrow an image from Christian practice, here’s a month of tips to help you stay grounded.

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed? Got a headache? Feel a little achy? You might not have enough fluids in you. Staying hydrated makes a difference, whether you are working out or not. It’s easy to forget to drink water, especially when we have too much in our heads and too many balls in the air.

Photo by Erda Estremera on UnsplashImage shows a drop of water striking the surface of a pool of water creating a crown with the splash.

Here’s your reminder for today: go drink some water. Get a glass, run the tap to flush standing water, and then fill. Your water can be cold, room temperature, dressed up with a slice of lemon, or packed with ice. Drink it slowly. Drink it standing up or sitting down. Drink it in a different room from where you were before. A glass of water will give you the space to refocus and re-energize. Be well, stay well.

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