Dec. 14: Get dressed

Pandemic fashion is a thing: we’ve got nap dresses, electronic eyebrows (on Zoom you can enhance lips and brows), or fancy business tops and comfy pants below the screen.

Friends have shared how they finally put on hard shoes in the fall and it was a shock. I myself have surveyed my cupboard and have hauled out my pretty shoes so I can enjoy them (I wear mostly flats so no stilettos to trip me up). Adios indoor sneakers; hello unicorn slippers.

Casual gear is where it’s at. The New York Times reports that in April 2020, sweat pant sales went up 80%. But this post isn’t about a shift from business wear to casual chic. This is about getting dressed.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash Image shows tiny kitten wrapped in a bright coloured blanket.

A local company in my home province is making t-shirts to celebrate the small wins. (Disclosure: I have no financial interest in this business. They make nice clothes and they have the best size range I have ever seen.) This one is my favourite:

Image shows white text on black fabric saying: I got dressed today little goals.

It’s easy to stay in our comfy clothes day after day. Or to wear our pyjamas all day. And that’s perfectly okay. For awhile. However, changing our clothes can shift our perspective from night to day (it’s morning!) or from rest to work (hello Zoom!), or from work to play (hi there yoga pants AND mat). It can be the one thing we can accomplish if we are feeling hugely stressed.

These days, when the line between our work day ending and me time beginning is very blurred, changing into or from work clothes can help you make that shift more strongly. If you have been finding it hard to mark those boundaries, try making it with what you are wearing, That one tiny step will build on other tiny steps. Be well, stay well.

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