Dec 21: Embrace the light

The Winter Solstice arrived today at 6:22 am in my part of the world. In practical terms, it means I got up in the dark to watch the sunrise on the shortest day followed by the longest night.

Photo by Emanuel Haas on Unsplash Image shows weak sunlight shining on icicles.

But it means more than that. After today, the days will begin to lengthen. By the first week of January, I will be noticing how much later twilight comes. The sunshine may still be weak, but we will have more of it. And two months after that we will be approaching the spring equinox.

Today though, it can still be too dark for some of us to manage. If Seasonal Affective Disorder is an issue for you, try taking some Vitamin D. If you have some money to spare, perhaps a sun lamp will help. You could also try lighting a few candles to keep back the dark. Look into the flame and meditate on the shapes, the colours and the way the light moves with your breath.

Today the light begins its return journey. Celebrate its return and while you are at it, look for other sources of light and happiness in your life. Those good memories can help relieve stress and remind you of the goodness in the world.

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