Dec. 6: Get some fresh air

I was supposed to be on a casual chat catch up zoom call recently. They’re a great bunch of people, but it was warm here, with no wind, no rain, and only a light grey sky. Not bad for late November for an island in the North Atlantic. So I ditched the call, gathered up weeds, planted a few bulbs, cleaned the deck and put away the flower pots for the winter.

Photo by Mari Potter on Unsplash Image shows two withered apples on a tree empty of leaves.

You don’t have to be as productive as that to get the benefit of fresh air. Take a quick walk, do a mini-clean up, stick your head out the window or door and take five deep breaths, or sit on a step and look up at the sky. (Watching clouds go by is hugely underrated in my opinion but I find looking up always gives you a different perspective.) Unless it is blowing a gale out, you won’t melt and the cobwebs will leave your brain.

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