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219 in 2019: 10 to go for a just-in-time finish

Hi readers– here’s my penultimate update on the 219 in 2019 workout challenge (the last one will be when I cross that finish line). I decided this year to count workout days rather than individual workouts. That may seem harder, but I also decided to let just about any purposeful physical activity (like a short walk that I decided to take, or a short yoga session before bed) count. The reason for this was that I wanted to get more consistent in my physical activity, regardless of what it was. And even if I just did yoga before bed, I wanted to get myself in the habit of doing it. And so I did.

There have definitely been some lulls in my activity at various times this year. I’m going to look back at my posts on the 219 on 2019 FB group to see when they were and what was going on at the time. Data is/are a good thing, and knowledge is power.

So where am I? It’s December 19, and I posted #209 last night (walking, and yoga class). So I’ve got 10 to go. If I do some activity every day, I’ll make my goal by Dec 28. And I’ve got 3 days to spare in case of glitches.

Finishing things is generally hard– at least it’s hard for me. I tend to run out of steam/time/interest before the end, so it’s a giant slog to complete big projects. However, this case is different for a few reasons: 1) I’ve made it so that any physical activity I decide to do counts, so I have oodles of options; 2) I do have some wiggle room– 3 days to spare; 3) I’m not alone in this challenge– I’m in a FB group where others are doing their thing and supporting each other; 4) it’s not like the challenge will actually be over when I hit 219. The group is re-upping for a 220 in 2020 challenge, and I’m definitely in. It’s so great to be a part of a group where people are sharing what they’re doing and cheering on others in their activity.

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Readers, where are you in your workout year/challenge year/ongoing relationship with physical activity? Do you have some end-of-year goals? I’d love to hear about them if you care to share, and will cheer you on no matter what.

Squirrel reaching for acorn. I know how they feel.
Squirrel reaching for acorn. I know how they feel.

One thought on “219 in 2019: 10 to go for a just-in-time finish

  1. Had set a goal of 229 workouts – cardio, weight training and yoga – in 2019. This was back in January before I knew a mastectomy lay ahead. However, you know what? My recovery went well and walks, with modified yoga throughout my recovery while I waited to return to lifting, counted. You bet they did. I stand at 224 right now and know I’ll make 229 before years end. Goal for 2020 will be 230, and even with one more surgery ahead, I plan on making that target again. Glad I learned about this challenge on this blog a few years back. It has always been insightful to review – to see the workout days, the rest days and those oh-so-important recovery days. My biggest lesson in all of this has been, “it’s okay to do less, and sometimes doing is better than doing more.”

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