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30 days of workouts left: update on 219 in 2019 challenge

The 219 in 2019 Challenge has been a big project for a bunch of us bloggers here at Fit is a Feminist Issue. Samantha hit 219 in late September and is closing in on 300. Cate passed 250 workouts in September, then sailed on by 300 in early November. Her goal is 350 by the end of the year.

Two persons, one of whom is indicating approval by a sign saying woo hoo!
Two persons, one of whom is indicating approval by a sign saying woo hoo!

Now to me. I decided to count workout days rather than individual workouts, as I wanted to track my workout consistency over time. As of Sunday Nov 24,, I’ll be at 189 workout days, 30 days shy of my 219. There are 37 days left in which to complete my 30 days of workouts.

Well, okay then.
Well, okay then.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always been a just-in-time delivery gal, and I think this challenge is no exception. Last year I finished my 218 in 2018 Challenge on… wait for it… December 30. Yes, I had one day to spare. I was hoping to hit 219 earlier this year, but I will make it by Dec 31.

Here’s another thing: this year went better than 2018 with respect to workouts for me, even though I had a bunch of medical setbacks early this year. One reason why things went better is that I decided to count workouts based on how I was doing and what I could manage. A lot of times it was just some walking around campus and yoga before bed. When I was laid up with a sprained ankle, it was stretching on the bed. Or PT, which admittedly became a big workout over time. This summer it was bike rides, some swimming, some hiking, walking on beaches and in woods and by lakes, etc. And always yoga: yoga at home on my mat in the living room, yoga at my local studio Artemis, yoga on vacation in hotel rooms and on visits to unfamiliar studios in other cities. That’s been my favorite thing about being a part of this challenge: it’s challenged me to come up with fun and new ways to be active while traveling. And I love that.

Here’s a last thing (for now, until I hit 219): I’ve found that it can be hard to stay focused on being active at home. Life gets hard and tiring and stressful, and it can sap me of energy and motivation. I was less active than I wanted to be. There you go.

Okay, really last thing: this will come as no surprise to you, dear readers, but what has helped me get as close as I am today– 189 baby!– is planning to be active with friends. Making yoga or cycling or walking or hiking dates with people helps get me up off the couch and onto the saddle or into the woods or yoga studio. And it makes me happy. So thanks, friends!

Where do you feel like you are, readers, with respect to your workouts in 2019? Do you have goals for the end of the year? Are you moving along, stumbling, recovering, contemplating? I’d love to hear from you.


5 thoughts on “30 days of workouts left: update on 219 in 2019 challenge

  1. That’s fantastic. I’ve found it really motivating too. I’ll hit 265 today and I feel good about it. How is it that we aren’t in the same 219 in 2019 group?

    1. I’m in both the original group that Jason founded some years ago and the smaller one you’re in. I like Jason and a bunch of the people in the original group. I’d miss them. Hence, being in both groups. I think you tried the original group and thought it was too big?

      1. Yes. I found there were too many people I didn’t know and I didn’t feel very invested in hearing about so many strangers my workouts and sharing mine with them. Our little 40-person group is just right for me. I find myself cheering on women I don’t know in person and feel good about the mutual support, there when needed. And I like the feminist orientation.

  2. That’s great! i’ve got 36 workouts left in 38 days, but I think I may still make it. I need to do more leg strength anyway. And classes end soon, so I’ll have a little more time. Thanks for the update!

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