How equating being fat with being out of shape hurts thin people too, #TBT

Last week, amid all the kerfuffle about *that Peloton ad* the thing that bothered me the most were all the people who said the wife didn’t need the bike because she was already fit. How do we know she was already fit? Her size. But that’s just not true. Fitness is one thing and fatness is another. Running them together hurts thin people too. Here’s an earlier version of me on the subject.


I’ve been trying to write a post for awhile now about the dangers of conflating fitness and thinness. I started out wanting to address the concern a few people have raised about why there aren’t more fat fit people since clearly it’s possible to be both fat and fit.

My draft post on fatness and fitness begins by asking everyone to reconsider the claim that there aren’t lots and lots of fit and fat people. Recall my post Fit, Fat, and What’s Wrong with BMI in which I talked about the number of Olympic athletes who are overweight or obese using BMI as a measure. Then there’s the Fit Fatties Forum, and Ragen Chastain.

That’s a picture of her at the end of this post. She’s amazing and articulate and I’m a big fan.

Another important part of my answer is that gyms are hostile environments for lots of people…

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