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Going for 300?

Awhile back I posted about hitting 100 workouts en route to my goal of working out 219 times in 2019.


Now that 2019 is more than halfway over I thought I’d check in about my progress.

On July 9th I was at 142 workouts. So 219 seems very doable. At that pace I’d hit 270 workouts in 2019.


Checking in again on August 1. I’m at 176. That means I’ve worked out 25 times a month since January 1. If I keep this pace I’ll hit 300. Not sure if I want to aim for 300 though. Fall term is pretty busy for me and while I’ve been enjoying all the summer riding it won’t be that easy once shorter days are here. It’s a stretch goal for sure.

Maybe I’ll just aim for the biggest number I can that’s over 219 and see where I land

How do you feel about goals that are possibly too big? Motivational or too scary and off putting?

4 thoughts on “Going for 300?

  1. Thanks to the blog I’ve converted from being a challenge-hater to a challenge-trier. Seeing and reading about the various goals and challenges people are trying is intriguing, as we can see all the different approaches. For me these days, I’m enjoying setting goals that require attention and some push, but not ones that I’m likely to miss (even if I were to get close, or get more done than in the modest goal case). I hope others chime in– would love to see what works for people.

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