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I did it! 219 in 2019. Early even. Now what’s next?

I’m sure everyone who reads the blog knows that a bunch of us here are in an accountability group with the goal of working out 219 times in 2019.

And Sunday I met that goal. My 219th workout was a spin class as part of my cycle instructor training.

What counts as a workout for the purposes of the challenge? Whatever works for you. Some people are aiming for working out 219 days in 2019 for example. I count discrete chunks of intentional movement. Like Cate, I count 4 hour paddles as 1 and I count a 30 minute lunch hour exercise class as 1. I count 100 km bike rides as 1 and 10 km local commutes as 1. I figure it evens out in the end.

The one exception are my bike commutes to work. They’re too short. Just 4 km round trip. And they’re part of my baseline of physical activity. So I count them only if I also do something else. So I count a bike commute plus dog walk as one, a bike commute plus abs as one, etc. It’s all about motivation to do more.

I’ve written before about possibly shooting for 300. If I’ve already done 219 workouts I would need to do 81 more to make it to 300. There are 94 days left in the year. Is that manageable? Maybe. I’d get 13 off days roughly one rest day per week. Certainly it would be good motivation to see me through the dark days of November and the holiday busyness of December.

I think I will. Shooting for 300 workouts in 2019 is my new goal now. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “I did it! 219 in 2019. Early even. Now what’s next?

  1. Congratulations on hitting 219 and good luck on 300! I’m at 159 now, thanks to Christine’s September is for Yoga group. I didn’t always count it as a workout (if I only did yoga before bed), but it helped me be more active overall. With 90ish days left in the year, I think I’ll make 219 with some to spare. What a great group this is– thanks for introducing us to it.

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