On overdoing it

I might just have overdone it these past few days.

There was lots of physio, and some dog walking, but also ten minutes of pedaling on a recumbent spin bike, a bunch of random upper body weight lifting, and then my first exercise class since all this began, an hour of aquafit.

Now normally aquafit would feel not that physically demanding but after a month of not very much movement, it was a lot.

Three women dancing in the pool

But I like the advice of “halffastcylingclub” who comments here from time to time who said, if you don’t bump up against your limits from time to time you won’t know what they are.

So yes, I’m tired today but that isn’t the end of the world. I’ll nap and rest and take it easy today. I might even do Aquafit again in a couple of days.

I’ve got the cat to keep me company while I ice and elevate and watch episodes of Never Have I Ever.

Cat on the bed