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Making Space: Day 6

If your shoulder mobility is okay, then I would like you to try something:

Please put your hands down by your sides and make fists. Then breathe in as you raise your shoulders up by your ears while squeezing your fists really tight. Now, drop your shoulders quickly, while opening your fists and breathing out by saying ‘pah.’

Repeat a couple of times (there are a lot of pieces to those instructions so it might take a few tries to get the effect)

Okay, now that you have already done something that gave you a little space for yourself today.

Go you!

On to today’s videos:

First up we have a short practice from Yoga with Adriene. It’s called bedtime yoga but you can do it any time, you rebel, you!

Still image is of a sunset with brightly coloured clouds and sky, white text in the centre reads ‘7-Minute Bedtime Yoga’

And here’s a meditation practice for you to try. Making space and LovingKindness seems like a good combo to me. Wishing ourselves and others ‘May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live with ease.’ is only going to end up somewhere good. 💚

A LovingKindness meditation from the Tricycle YouTube channel with Sharon Salzberg. Still image is of a seated person in a purple shirt, they have short chin length brown hair and glasses and their eyes are closed. There is a brick wall at the back of the room and behind them on their right is a table with a vase of flowers and a medium-sized statuette on it.

Of course, as always, I wish you ease and space in your day, no matter how you find it. Do what works for you.

⭐️ -> for your efforts