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We’re here, trying to offer words of quiet, calm encouragement in the midst of diet frenzy fitness culture

I keep getting notifications that our readership on the Facebook page and blog are up. “Your stats are booming!”

Ditto the membership in the feminist 221 workouts in 2021 group is up. It’s growing too.

We’re coming up to our busiest time of the year.

Why? You know why, right? It’s the holiday season and the count down to new year’s resolutions, mixed with stress about holiday overeating, and disrupted routines.

There’s also, for some of us, this year bonus anxiety about changes in body size and seeing family. It’s extra bonus pandemic anxiety, due to stress eating, and not seeing family in a very long time. The stakes seem higher some how.

November-January is always this weird mix of enthusiasm for fitness but lots of anxiety too around weight loss goals and holiday eating. What a minefield.

It’s also at this time of year when I am most appreciative of the blog providing an alternative voice in the midst of all this. Fitness can be fun and joyful, a way to get outside and connect with family and friends. We’re all about encouraging movement and activity as part of the good things in life, not as punishment and “earning” holiday treats.

This year I’ve been appreciating all the different voices contributing to creating the blog. I love Christine’s Making Space daily posts. I loved Tracy and Elan, in their different ways, talking about how to approach cooking, serving, and eating food in ways that bring joy and peace to our lives. This year I’m glad Martha reshared her December 1st message.

Welcome to all the new readers here and on the Facebook page and our Twitter and Instagram. We hope you stick around even after, or especially after, you discover we’re not about normative thinness and new year’s weight loss resolutions.