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Taking Sam’s advice when she was sick 10 years ago

In this #TBT post, I look back to what was happening with FIFI in 2013, the year the blog started.

In her March 23, 2013 post, Back after it after almost a month away: Rebuilding after illness, @samanthabrennan describes what happened when she got “a very nasty virus” that stopped her from exercising for nearly a month. She reports experiencing many bad symptoms: the worst was a “wracking cough” that kept her up all night. It’s tough on the body to be sick for so long, and it can negatively affect one’s spirits as well.

Ten years ago, Sam gave herself some motivational advice to help her get back to her activities: Aikido, soccer, CrossFit, rowing, riding, running, and swimming. Here’s a summary of the Sam-to-Sam pep talk:

  • Misery loves company (my expression, not hers): Sam notes that she will be no less further along than everyone else who has struggled to keep up exercising over the long, cold winter in Canada.
  • Baby Steps: Sam tells herself to take small steps and work out with others who may be in a similar situation.
  • Acceptance: Sam suggests checking her ego to help her to accept any nervousness she may be feeling.
  • Enjoyment: Sam has missed out, and she knows it will be good to return what makes her happy.
  • Focus on the good: Sam says that nutrition and on eating intuitively can be a productive focus as she rebuilds her strength.

At the time that Sam was recovering from her illness, she could not have predicted that, ten years later, millions of people around the world would have to rebuild their strength and their spirits after facing COVID-19 and other related viral illnesses.

This includes me. I’ve been sick with more than one viral infection for nearly three weeks, and although I’m recovering it’s had me feeling down.

So, I decided to apply Sam’s ten year-old advice pre-COVID advice to my current situation.

  • Same boat: I’ve heard of lots of folks who have been out sick for a long time these days. Although I feel like this illness will go on forever, others have struggled too and come out the other side. So will I.
  • Treadmill baby steps: I can capitalize on feeling better than I did last week by doing daily stretching, yoga, and some short treadmill walks before I re-join the world. (Also, I should really clean my home.)
  • Accept…and appreciate: Even when I’m healthy it’s hard to accept my skill levels, but there’s nothing like getting sick to help appreciate what it’s like doing stuff while illness-free.
  • My teams: I’ve played two team sports this winter, curling and soccer. I’ve missed seeing my teammates in both leagues, and the season is not yet over, so hopefully soon I will re-join them.
  • Tasting things: Like Sam, I haven’t been eating well while sick. Trying to get back to regular meals and healthier snacks will be good. Being able to taste things again will be even better.

Overall, I find Sam’s advice (to herself) reassuring for getting over an illness. Looking back has helped me to think more positively about moving forward!

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Why I like “falling back” #tbt

Sam tagged this post last night in her post “Dark is Coming.” I re-read it and thought it would be a good re-blog today even so because it still 100% captures how I feel (other than I have given up o the 6 a.m. swimming altogether for the time being).  I am happy for more light i the mornings right now and though I get that early nights are tough, my challenge is on the front end of each day at the moment.


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Imagine if size really didn’t matter. Can you? #tbt

Today I’m doing a “Throwback Thursday” post where I invite you, once again, to imagine how different life would be if we actually lived in a world where size doesn’t matter. Happy Thursday!