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Getting ready for winter cycling!

I’ve asked before–Is this the year to try snow biking?–and apparently lots of you are saying yes.

If you’re interested now might be the time to get ready. If you want lessons, I like the folks at Horse Shoe resort.

That said, you don’t need lessons. We thought it was a nice way to try out the bikes to see if we liked fat biking and get some tips on how to ride them. Riding around on wide local trails isn’t particularly technical. I love that the fat bike tires seem able to ride over just about anything. The one thing I do need/want are warmer winter boots for cycling. All the websites that sell them say that they are experiencing a much higher order volume than usual. Hmmm. Notice a trend?

Do you fat bike? Do you have boot recommendations? Send them my way.

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Sam walking her fat snow bike across a skinny bridge. Other cyclists might have ridden it!

5 thoughts on “Getting ready for winter cycling!

  1. I might think about trying fat biking in the winter as a one-off experience. Or maybe more if I enjoy it. But my big goal this year is to be comfortable just utility cycling through the winter. My office (which luckily I’ve had to go to about once every 1-2 months) is 20 km away from here so I need a good solid plan and confidence.

    The bigger goal is to start learning to accept / enjoy winter instead of just forever dreaming of being a digital nomad and living in India from November-April.

    1. What I didn’t expect is how winterwonderland pleasurable it would feel, like cross country skiing or snow shoeing. It was so quiet and beautiful and easy! My cyclist friends kept going on about how it’s not really effective training and I think that so misses the point. It’s beautiful and fun and great for my mental health and loving winter. The other place that rents them is the bike shop in Stratford and there are trails in Wildwood conservation area.

  2. I think there is an expensive cycling boot for around $300.00/pr. Bikebike store in Calgary can recommend. Doesn’t mean buying from there. In Calgary there a few fat bike ethusiasts and commuters because our snow is drier and also we get lots more than Toronto area. I can confirm we are alot colder too.

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