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On the beauty (and difficulty) of gifts for the fit feminist

Is there anything better than a gift that’s 1) unexpected; and 2) absolutely perfect? What a dynamite combo!

This week I met up with my book club to celebrate a friend’s birthday (not me; it would be weird to refer to myself in this way). We had a great time, and the birthday friend was gifted and carded and caked in fine fashion.

Imagine my surprise when my birthday friend handed *me* a present.

It was a late birthday gift (I turned 61 in April). Honestly, it’s my firm belief that gifts never come at a bad time, so I gladly received my present. And here it is: the perfect coffee mug for a cyclist!

This is indeed a perfect gift for me. It checks many boxes:

  • handmade pottery
  • big enough but not too big
  • nod to cycling, but not in a screaming way
  • useful for my everyday life
  • in pretty colors that my friend knows I love

As important, though, my sweet mug gift avoids the pitfalls of weird, useless, flimsy or downright awful gifts marketed to folks who enjoy some specific physical activity. You know what I’m talking about. In case you don’t, here is what I mean.

scented candle labeled "squat because no one raps about little butts". This is awful and I cannot lie.
scented candle labeled “squat because no one raps about little butts”. This is awful and I cannot lie.
women-specific tank shirt saying "obviously not the instructor". Tie this shirt to the anchor and send it to the bottom...
women-specific tank saying “obviously not the instructor”. I recommend tying the shirt to the anchor in the photo and sending it to the bottom of the sea.
Pair of wine glasses saying "gym now" and "wine later". So tired of this.
Pair of wine glasses saying “gym now” and “wine later”. We are all so over this, aren’t we?
I saved the best/worst for last: a painted, decorated rock with two cyclist figures glued on, with a personalizable plaque.

It’s fun to receive gifts that acknowledge something in my life that I love. I’ve received a bike pizza cutter, some gorgeous hand-made coasters that look like chain rings or cassettes, and of course bike chain earrings, to name a few. They all fall into the categories of pretty, useful, hand-made or otherwise very pleasing.

Not to be a grump about gifts– I appreciate that when someone makes an effort to give me something. It’s the sentiment that should carry the day. And it does. Unless I’m on the receiving end of that rock with the cyclists glued to it.

Readers, what sorts of strange, gaudy or downright ugly fitness-themed gifts have you received? Or, what are your favorite fitness-themed gifts? Please tell me– I’m so curious… 🙂

Let us know what you think....