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Go Team 2023! Dare to NOT compare

Today, I am inviting you to dismiss any comparison that generates negative feelings for you.

If looking at your friend’s progress or some actor’s muscles makes you feel good, if it is inspiring for you or if it motivates you to do things that increase your feeling of well-being, that’s great. Forge ahead!

But if noticing a friend’s progress or comparing yourself to someone in an Instagram post or an actor in a TV show makes you feel deflated or opens the door to self-criticism?

I vote no!

You deserve better things than that.

You deserve kindness, from the world and from yourself.

You are working on a habit that will increase your well-being in one way or another. Some days will be easy and some will be hard. Your results make be visible or they may not. You may move quickly through your plan or you may turtle your way along. Your changes may be huge or they may be small.

You may follow a similar trajectory as someone else did and get similar results or you may get wildly different ones.

The thing is this is about *you* and how you feel and about the things you want to do or learn to do.

What other people do (or have done) and their results have absolutely nothing to do with you.

They aren’t living in your body with your mind in your life with your schedule, your resources, and your challenges. You have no idea what they would/would not accomplish in your situation or what you would/would not accomplish in theirs.

If you can coax yourself into avoiding comparison and into using your own metrics to measure your progress, you will get where you want to go. And you will get there at your own pace and enjoy your own victories.

By daring to NOT compare you are bringing the forces of self-compassion and kindness into the equation and doing that always makes things easier.

Your magical gold star wand for today’s efforts is below.

I wish you ease, my dear Team members. 💚

PS – Speaking of comparisons, don’t even get me started on the fitness and wellness industry! Sure, there are lots of good intentioned and helpful instructors out there but the industry itself? That can be a bit of a racket.

A lot of these companies are making money by making you feel badly about yourself. Cheat them out of that money and beat them at their own game by stubbornly refusing to compare yourself with the people they offer up as examples.

A small painting of a magic wand with a star on top against a multicoloured background.
Image description: a small painting of a magic wand with a gold star on top. The wand is surrounded by little gold droplet shapes to represent the magic. The background is composed of 4 square/rectangular sections each painted a different colour – one green decorated with white lines, one pink decorated with blue splatters, one blue with yellow spirals and dots and one orange with black lines.