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Go Team 2023! Make It Automatic.

This post is another one of those times when I try to lead by example.

My day took a (positive) turn a few minutes ago and now I have limited time to write this post. So, instead of getting into a story and lots of examples, I am going to take the idea I wanted to communicate and just frame it as a series of questions for you to consider:

How can you make the habit you are building an automatic part of your day?

What is the smallest, most straightforward version of your habit-related tasks?

How can you make that version possible on even your most unexpectedly busy day?

What does an automatic version of your habit-related task look like?

How can you increase the chances of fitting that automatic, streamlined version into every day that you want to fit it into?

There will be lots of days when you will be able to do the extended remix versions of your habit-related tasks too but today, I am inviting you to go full robot and develop the automatic version.

And here is an inspirational robot with your gold star for your efforts to automate.

She’s proud of the self-kindness you are demonstrating with your approach to your habit today.

A drawing of a happy robot holding a gold star.
Image description: a drawing of a small green robot holding gold star. This happy robot is made of two square shapes connected by coiled lines that represent arms and legs and her feet are two half oval shapes. She’s standing on a lighter green hill and the sky is blue behind her.