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Strava and Sam’s year in review

Here’s my Strava year in review.

The highlights? I rode more than 4000 km but not the 5000 I set as my goal. My average speed was 26 km/hr and my longest ride was 126 km. No surprise that was the bike rally day 2.

I’m not sure what the new year holds. It will depend on recovery from left knee replacement surgery and when they operate on my right knee.

Here’s highlights from the community of Strava users from Bicycling magazine.

More riders rode more than 100 miles at a time. There’s a 22% rise in cyclists on Strava who rode a 100 mile century this year.

• Bike commuting is back to pre-pandemic levels and more people are using e-bikes.

,• Group rides are also motivational. People who logged rides with others rode further and faster.

You can read the report Strava’s Year in Sport 2022 here.

Here’s two more highlights from the report.

“Another one for those of us setting new goals in 2023: Picking up a new activity might just be the ticket to staying more motivated.

Athletes who uploaded two or more sport types in January not only had 75% more active days compared to those who stick to just one activity, but their total active time was up by 62% as well– indicating they didn’t split their time, but instead carved out more.”


“Whether we were motivated by exploration, open spaces or new adventures, 52% of athletes uploaded trail activities in 2022.

Some of us are riding the new trends in cycling – like gravel bikes and electric mountain bikes. Others are contributing to a surge in trail and ultra running. And while solitude may be a motivator for some, trail activities are 55% more likely to be done in groups.”

Are you a Strava user? What was your year like? Goals or plans for next year?