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Making Space: Day 13

Here we are at Day 13!

I hope you have been able to find at least a tiny space for yourselves in our ‘Making Space’ practice so far.

Like I have said before, it doesn’t matter if you do the videos or if you do your own thing.

The key is that you find a little time and space for yourself.

If you haven’t managed it so far, that’s ok. That’s the nature of a practice – it sometimes takes a while.

Here’s a star for everyone’s efforts, either way. ⭐️

Our movement video for today is a 10 minute yoga practice.

A 10 minute wakeup or wind down yoga practice w from the Edyn Loves Life YouTube channel. Still image shows a person in exercise clothing standing in a parking lot with a concrete half-wall behind them and trees can be seen above the wall.

A super short meditation today:

A 1-minutes meditation from the Calm YouTube channel. Still image is of a clear mountain lake. Mountains and trees can be seen in the background.

Wishing you ease and rest today, everyone!