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How far do you ride in a year? Sam sets her eyes on 5500 km

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5500 km is an odd number for an end of year goal, I know.

5000 is the more usual number. In 2015 I blogged about riding about 3500 km in a year and considered setting my sights higher, maybe 5000 km. See How far do you ride in a year? I didn’t make it. The next year I topped out at 4,002.1 km.

I finally hit the 5000 km mark during the pandemic, thanks to Zwift and you know, not leaving the house much. In 2020 I rode 5,326.9 km.

This year I will easily ride 5000 + again. Where I am today: 4614 km (tracked on Strava) This includes all my road cycling, Zwifting and gravel and trail riding. It doesn’t include bike commuting on my Brompton and fat biking. But likely that’s not much. My commute is under 5 km and my fat bikes rides are usually in the 10-15 km range. My Zwift teammate Jim is going to hit 10,000 km but I am trying not to be jealous.

5000 km is just under 100 km a week. I set my Strava goal as 100 km a week and I make that most weeks so where I am now makes sense. But I am feeling the need for an end of year challenge. I’d like to beat last year’s 5326.09 km. A little extra push rather than just coasting to the 5000 km mark.

6000 is too much but could I make it to 5500?

Let’s do some math. There are 48 days left in the year and roughly 900 km to ride. That’s less than 20 km a day. Seems doable. 140 km a week? Also, doable. More than I have been doing but not ridiculous.

Let’s do it!