Winter riding: Are you ready?

I’ve been getting ready for winter riding.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve put front rechargeable headlights on both my road bike and my cyclocross commuting bike. I’ve got red flashing lights on the rear of both bikes and some mini, clip on lights in my back pack for good measure.

I’ve unpacked my shoe covers and my wool socks. I’ve found tights and balaclavas and the serious full finger gloves. I’ve got a couple of good winter cycling jackets and so I’m pretty much ready to roll.

How long will I stick it out?

Here’s my plan:

Road cycling switches to indoor on weekdays starting mid November. There’s just not enough light in the day to ride outside. I’ve got trainer classes Tuesday and Thursday. On the weekends it’s my plan to be flexible. I’ll ride outside on my road bike if the weather permits. Otherwise it’s an indoor trainer session on my own. I’ll be taking recommendations for cheesy, low dialogue, addictive Netflix shows, preferably ones no other family members would like.

Once we get snow, I’ll likely cross country ski on the weekends instead of riding on the trainer. I love being outside.

What’s good weather? Dry, for sure. No rain or snow. And not too cold. Above five Celsius please.

Commuting? I’m not sure. I’d like to commute most of the winter but I think once the snow comes that’ll require a fat bike. If we don’t have much snow I’m good on the cross bike. For commuting I’m good to about minus ten. Below that it’s impossibly cold for me. Good thing I have a car as back up though I have to say it can be awfully tempting on cold winter mornings to go straight to plan B.

How about you? How are you handling the transition from outdoor to indoor riding? Do you plan on riding outside at all this winter?

Oh, and if you’re from some place where summer is about to start…Hello Catherine! ….I’m officially jealous. See also Spring there, Autumn here. Sigh.


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3 thoughts on “Winter riding: Are you ready?

  1. Woah, sticking out -10 C on a bike is impressive! Hm, you’re making me rethink my commuting limit…I just bought some (hopefully) warmer gloves so may need to try to stick it out a bit longer on dry/non-snowy days til xc-ski-to-work season arrives here 🙂

  2. I’d like to ride outside this winter, at least on the weekends. The thing I struggle with the most is keeping my hands warm. I’ve got a high-quality pair of warm gloves, but even they stop being enough at around 25F. My secret weapon is Castelli’s Gabba jersey. It’s amazing. I went on a ride on a sunny day that was in the low-30s (F), and I was perfectly comfortable in the Gabba jersey with no base layer or anything. It’s pretty much magic.

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