Fat biking: A photo essay

So it was part of my winter fitness plan to play in the snow more often. This past weekend I got to do just that. Yay! I love being outside and because I get cold so easily I need to do very active things to make that happen. It’s part of my strategy to make friends with the Canadian winter.

Sarah and I rented fat bikes from a shop near Mont Tremblant and explored the trails. Fun!

On Facebook I asked one question though, “Dear mtb’ers and fat bikers: What is it with trails right along the *edges* of rivers and steep ridges? The woods and the water are just as beautiful a few feet away from the edge.” I think they like the danger. Me, I like the beautiful scenery and moving outdoors in a way that keeps me warm.

(Side note: Turns out when we looked at the maps over coffee one morning this week that the scary “edge of ridge overlooking the river” trail was marked “black” for advanced. We felt better once we saw that all the trails we’d ridden that day were blue or black. I personally felt better about walking the bike across the skinny bridges.)

Yes, I fell a few times. Whee! Thump! I’ve got some bruises. I always do. But falling in the snow felt just fine.

Is it a good workout? Well, it’s no replacement for time on the indoor trainer. That’s true. But there is only so much of that I can take. My average heart rate was 130 something, not as good as running or cross country skiing but better than walking or sitting on the couch. Also, my cheek muscles hurt from smiling and that’s got to count for something.

Here’s some information on the trails.

I’m still on the fence about buying a fat bike. They’re expensive and I think it’s something I’ll continue to do a few times each winter. Renting is easy and there’s no need to lug a fat bike around.


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7 thoughts on “Fat biking: A photo essay

  1. This looks so fun! And bruises are much better in winter clothes than summer ;-). (My road rash from Dec 30 is still healing!)

    1. Ouchy ouch ouch! Been there. And it does get better, especially now that you’re in cold climes. Is that a big shock?

  2. I’m very envious of your fat biking experience; I’ve tried them but not in actual snow. Will see where rentals are available around here (or nearish to here, as our snow waxes and wanes). BTW, I wonder if there’s a way to write “fat biking” which is not ambiguous between “biking while fat” and “riding a fat bike”, as I did a mini double-take when I saw the title… 🙂 Should it be one word smashed together, as fatbike? Not that it matters at all; just a little mid-afternoon linguistic pedantry… 🙂

  3. This type of riding does something different for you than the aerobic indoor trainer riding. It works your bike handling skills, balance and core muscles. In short it makes you a better all around cyclist. btw, once that all gets better, you’ll find that you can actually get moving pretty fast on a fat bike and get some aerobic work too.

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