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Falling flat on day two of the New Year (Guest Post)

by Laura MacDonald

I love New Years.  In the dying days of December I love how anything seems possible.  A few days ago I asked my Facebook friends this year, what are you planning for in 2020?  I have lots of new ideas that I way toying with for 2020 (start a home yoga practice! learn to run!) but those were more fun ideas to think about than plans that I would likely follow through on. My true goal for 2020 was to return to consistency with my CrossFit workouts.  I have belonged to a CrossFit gym for seven years. It is a welcoming community of mixed ability athletes with wonderful coaches and outstanding programming. I love it. But it’s hard. I need to repeat that. I love it. But it’s hard. It can be very easy for me to decide to “unclick” myself from a class I registered for because I feel like I’m too tired, too drained from work to do a hard workout.  I struggle to see myself as an athlete and I can pretty easily get a case of the “I don’t wanna’s”’ when it comes to CrossFit. As a result, my attendance at the gym this fall has not been very consistent. But here we come with a new year, a new resolution and a renewed commitment to the CrossFit community that I love.

The gym was closed yesterday so today’s 7:00am class was my first class of my new habit.  Remember, I love a resolution! I packed my bag and laid out my clothing the night before. I got up before my alarm.  I drove to the gym in the dark. I briefing had two thoughts as I drove: 1) please God do not let this be a partner workout 2) please God do not let this be a long workout.  But I wasn’t really worried. Our workouts are usually short and partner workouts are unusual. 

Of course when I arrived at the gym, the workout was on the whiteboard.  It was long. Really long. It was also a partner workout. A hard one. 

I was unhappy but got ready for class nonetheless.  And then I read the skill portion of the workout – dodge ball.  Every third day of the week at my gym, the barbell lift portion of the class is replaced by a skill or occasionally a game.  I probably don’t need to tell you that I hate dodge ball, that I have some pretty terrible elementary school traumatic memories of dodge ball.  And do you know what friends? That was it. I picked up my gym bag, I put on my jacket and I left the gym. And I cried in my car for the whole drive home.

Seven years at this gym and I have never bailed on a workout.   And today I did.

Where does that leave me on day two of 2020?  Well, I’m booked to go back to the gym tomorrow and again on Saturday.  I’m booked to go to yoga this evening and on Sunday. After I finish this blog post I’m going to go for a walk with my dog in the sunshine.

Today I fell flat.  There really isn’t anything else to do but pick myself back up and try again. 

See you out there pals.  

2020 is still new.

Happy New Year! Text surrounded by leaves. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash .

Laura is a secondary school teacher in Hamilton Ontario.  She’s CrossFit athlete, regular walker, new yogi and occasional cyclist.  In 2019 she learned that she loved to count (steps and kilometres and workouts completed) and is currently counting her way to 300 workouts in 2020. 

12 thoughts on “Falling flat on day two of the New Year (Guest Post)

  1. Oh I might have done the same thing! Hate dodgeball and the like for similar reasons as you mentioned. Sometimes my crossfit style gym does little games as a warm-up and I am not a fan of “games”. I am also not a big fan of partner workouts. Sometimes it can make me lift more, etc. But most of the time, the introvert in me (which I don’t come across as to others) would prefer to set my own pace. I think you should pat yourself on the back for making the right choice for you at the time. And you have your next class booked. You will have a great time at that class. Good luck!

    1. Those partner WODs sure are tricky. I often do my best work and feel great afterwards but … I’m an introvert too and really don’t like the feeling that I am slowing someone else down. I always worry that I’m the dud partner. Thanks for the luck😊

  2. I think you set a wonderful example for yourself for 2020- do what makes you feel good. Dodgeball…really?..really??…it sounds like you stay active to feel good and be healthy (mentally and physically) and today’s workout was not going to get you there – so I say good for you for recognizing your needs (and not participating in middle school bulls@#$). You will enjoy your walk and yoga so much more because those are things that will make you feel good (mentally and physically) – Good for you!

    1. Thank you Mara! The games are adored by some other people so I’m glad they enjoyed – next time I might just sit the game out rather than storming home crying 😊

  3. I wouldn’t characterize this as falling flat whatsoever. You were faced with a workout that ticked all 3 awful boxes for you. Exercise should be fun and I think if it’s distinctly unfun you can say “not today.” It’s Day 2 of 365. You’ve got a lot of time to hit a lot of high notes for exercise/movement. I think there’s too much pressure on the beginning of the year setting the standard for the rest of the year and that’s just not true.

  4. Electing not to play a “game “ that tormented you as a child is not falling flat. It’s (re) setting boundaries that got run right over when you were a kid. You have the right to say “Nope. Doing X made me feel horrible, and I will never do X again” and stick to it. That’s not a exercise failure. It’s a personal victory.

    1. Wow Sarah – thank you for the reframe. By the time lunch had rolled around here I had myself convinced that I really had blown everything out of proportion this morning … but you are right, this was a victory. Thank you.

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