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Tracy is taking suggestions…bring ’em on

mage description: Tracy's shadow on sidewalk, dry mud beside, running shoes and lower legs visible in bottom left corner.
Image description: Tracy’s shadow on sidewalk, dry mud beside, running shoes and lower legs visible in bottom left corner.

I’m bored with my workout routine. It’s not that I don’t like the things I’m doing. I’m getting stronger in personal training. I love yoga and feel as if I don’t do enough of it these days. And I’m itching to get back to running after my back injury took me out of it for more than a month and I’ve only just dipped my toe back into it since then.

But I feel as if a change is in the air. As much as I’m enjoying personal training, there have been quite a few developments in resistance-training these days, with more small gyms popping up offering different kinds of weight training in more of a group-class setting. One example, that I’ve not yet tried but has been recommended to me is Revkor. We have a studio here in London, and the idea of resistance band training intrigues me.

Another option, which I also have never tried, is something along the lines of CrossFit. My friend Tara has been going to a gym downtown where they do that sort of group workout and she is loving it.

I’m kind of old school and worry that if I’m not hitting heavy free weights in a gym setting I won’t actually get stronger. But at the same time, with my 14-month leave coming up, I feel as if I might need some more opportunities to be around people, and that these group workouts at specialty gyms might be just the thing. And though not cheap, they’re cheaper than personal training.

I’m also planning to spend the summer doing 10K training, 3-4 times a week. And I want to up my yoga classes from once a week to 2-3 times a week. At least that’s what I’ve got in mind.

But I’m open to suggestions. Have you tried anything lately that’s different and that you’re so jazzed about that you want to encourage others to give it a go? If so, please tell me about it and why you’re attracted to it.

7 thoughts on “Tracy is taking suggestions…bring ’em on

  1. Spring seems to give me that same desire to switch up my training. Fortunately, circus arts has a huge variety of options beyond aerials. This year I’m starting to lean toward contortion and unicycle, which have the added benefit of being able to do them outside if it ever stops raining.

  2. I’m full of suggestions for people with working knees!

    CrossFit but go to a real CrossFit gym. There are good off brand ones like Cates but it’s hit or miss. Try Jennifer and Dave’s in London. It’s the best. You’ve got the training and the background to walk in the door learn lots and get stronger.

    Team sports outside in the summer! Volleyball leagues. Soccer. I know you haven’t been a team person in the past but you used to say for twenty years that you hated running. Try it! It’s fun. Blog about it

    Outdoor swimming! You’ve got a wetsuit. Use it!

    1. Agree with the CrossFit suggestions! Cautionary advice though (and a good box will help here) scale things waaay back at first. The “but its a good kind of sore” feeling doesn’t hold as true if you’re unable to lift your arms for 3 days after a workout 😁😬

  3. Come to Toronto and come to feminist x-fit with me! Also if I were scouting for something new I’d try that Orange theory thing.

  4. Also, for an experiment, try one new thing a month and blog about it and keep the winner!

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