No running, very little walking? Find out more about Sam’s new approach to work travel

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Back when the blog first started I coped with balancing fitness and work travel of which I do a lot by walking lots, carrying all of my stuff, running in new places, and a little hotel room yoga. I still do the hotel room yoga and now physio, but I can no longer run, or count on being able to walk enough to get enough exercise.

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Why do I care? I’ve thought about that a lot in recent months. Why can’t I just read more? Get some writing done? Why does exercise while traveling matter? It’s not the only thing that’s valuable in life after all. I’ve even thought about quitting the blog, or blogging less, and moving fitness thoughts to an emotional back burner.

But the thing is my knee hurts less when I get exercise. I’m also happiest when moving. And I stay on an even keel emotionally when I’m moving lots. It’s still really important to me. So I want to keep exercising and I can’t count on walking, running, carrying bags etc. What to do?

Here’s two recent success stories.

In Vancouver where I was attending to Pacific Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association I made good use of the hotel gym. Then when Sarah arrived and the conference ended we rented bikes and pedaled our way around the city.

In Halifax where I was for the Canadian Council of Deans of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences meeting I opted against the conference hotel. Instead, I stayed in an cute little airbnb apartment with my own kitchen, brought my new Brompton to commute to the conference, and signed up for spin classes.

What’s clear is that this is going to take more planning in terms of what I do, where I stay, and what I bring. It’ll take some advance internet skulking to find classes. I’m going to have to take time out of tourism to take fitness classes or workout in the gym. I’ll bring the Brompton and I’ll continue with yoga with and physio on my own.

I also realized in April that some of who I am has helped me slog through this chunk of life with my badly arthritic knees.  It’s not just toughness though people say that about me and I’ll nod. Toughness isn’t enough given the nature of the problem. I am determined but it’s also creativity and being positive when things are difficult. It’s funny because I know those characteristics are true of me in other areas of life but I hadn’t thought about it in the fitness context until this spring. I do now.

What’s your approach?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I certainly struggle with doing less than I used to–or doing differently than I used to. Aging forces some shifting in definitions, especially as I reflect on myself as an athlete. Moving in happiness and enjoying the adventure is my ultimate goal.

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