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Sam’s monthly check-in: What’s up, what’s down, the February version

I’m very happy to have a plan for my knee. I’ve had my first monovisc injection. Felt weird but it seems to be helping. I’m continuing physio. And I’m getting a custom unloading knee brace, being fitted March 2.

I’m trying to come to terms with the upshot of all this knee news. No Pride Run this year? Okay. No Pride Run ever? I’m bursting into tears. No more Aikido ever? That also makes me super sad. Of course, then I feel like a baby given how much worse others have it. You know this cycle, I’m sure.

It’s okay to have big feelings. It’s okay to be sad. I know.

Just because others have it worse that doesn’t my situation go away. It’s still sad. It’s still real.

What might help take my mind off all the sad things? A cruise! I’m going on a cruise in the South Pacific with my sister-in-law Susan who blogs here from time to time. She has her own big health news to deal with and I’m sure we’ll talk lots. I’m looking forward to that. But we’ll also snorkel, and drink fruity drinks by the poolside, and look at beautiful islands. Why hello Bora Bora!

I’ve never gone south in the winter before except to ride my bike. And Arizona, while a lovely temperature for bike riding, isn’t exactly steamy and warm. I’m excited. With the new big job, I’m ready to get away and relax.

Before the big trip, I’ve got a work trip to Vancouver. I’m going to fundraising school for academic leaders.

The upshot of all this busy travel is that there’ll be no personal training in February though I’m sure there’s a weight room and a swimming pool on the boat. I’m looking forward to giving pool running and maybe aquafit a try.

When I come back my March focus will be selling my house in London and buying one in Guelph.

Bye bye beautiful old London house!

People keep telling me that moving is one of the most stressful events in life, right after the death of a spouse. Turns out though that that’s not true. When it comes to stressful life events buying and selling houses and moving doesn’t even make the top 20. See here. But it is a lot of work.

And then April is the publication of our book and a lot of launch related activity. I’m gearing up.

Check out my Amazon author page!

So much going on!

[Drawing of a purple rabbit on a small brown boat on water. The rabbit says “I will learn to navigate this new part of my life.” in a pink speech bubble.] By EMM, not Emma.