Tracy heads to India

This post has nothing to do with fitness, working out, running, or health. But it does have to do with the realization of a personal and persistent dream I’ve had since I was a teenager. I don’t know where it came from, but if there is one destination in the world that I have fixated on, yearned to see, and not yet traveled to, it’s India.

And guess where I’m going this afternoon? Yep. You guessed it. India. I’m traveling with four colleagues to the Namaste Educational Academy in Pondicherry, a coastal town in the south. We’re part of an international conference organized by The Sahitya, “a hub of faculty, scholars and lovers of literature, language, and culture.” It’s an international and interdisciplinary conference on Feminist and Gender Studies in a Global Perspective. The venue, Bonsejour, looks absolutely enchanting.

Image description: Bonsejour, a stately pure white building fronted by palm trees and a lush green lawn. The sky is bright and white.
Image description: Bonsejour, a stately pure white building fronted by palm trees and a lush green lawn. The sky is bright and white.

India is a long way and it would be a shame to go for just a few days. So we’re going to do a bit of touring of the region as well. I expect to walk a lot and take tons of pictures.

If my posts read more like travel logs than feminist fitness entries over the next couple of weeks, please forgive me. I will try to inject a fitness or health spin into each post, but I have made a decision not to pack my running gear this time because it’s just going to be too hot and I want to slow down and soak in my surroundings, not blast past them (well, okay, I’m not exactly a blast past type of runner, but still).

On the recommendation of seasoned travelers to India, I have put together a little kit that contains Immodium, gravol, and activated charcoal. I’ll be purchasing some Tums at the airport, just I’m not entirely sure of the use of the charcoal, but it’s supposed to be good for the gut.

Stay tuned for more over the next couple of weeks about India.

5 thoughts on “Tracy heads to India

  1. I’ve not been to Pondicherry, so I’m looking forward to the pictures. I hope the infrastructure there is better than in Bangalore…it’s very difficult to walk anywhere in Bangalore due to no sidewalks or those in terrible condition. I hope you have a great time, but remember a couple of things…do not drink the water, unless you’re at a resort or place where you know the water has been treated/filtered, and do not eat the street food. Yes, it looks fun and tempting, but it’s not worth the risk. In fact don’t eat any food that has not been cooked (i.e. pickles, chutneys, salads), or fruit that doesn’t have a peel. The last two times I was in India, I did not get sick, and it was due to this sort of diligence. Enjoy the sun and surf and the conference!

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