Sam’s new big job

I’m not sure yet what the fitness implications will be but there’s big news afoot here.

I have a big new job. See here.

Come January 1st I’ll be Dean of the College of Arts at the University of Guelph. I went to my first set of meetings recently as Dean-to-be and I joked on Facebook that I should get them used to my ways. Maybe I should park on the edge of town and ride in. I could be all sweaty and dressed in cycling kit!

I didn’t bike in but I have looked at my bike parking options. I’ve asked about bringing my bike into the Dean’s office. I haven’t yet checked out the school’s fitness facilities but I have ordered my standing desk.

I was happy to see that should I ever leave my bike outside there’s covered bike parking.

And I won’t have to walk my bike on campus. And yes, I play nicely with my pedestrians on my bike. I sit up and ride slowly around people who are walking.

Wish me luck. I’m really excited about this move!

The Guelph Gryphon
The Guelph Gryphon!

9 thoughts on “Sam’s new big job

  1. My congratulations, Sam! Now…..really how much on this blog would you be writing at all…or maybe well in posts saved for later publishing..

  2. Congratulations Sam. I worked at Guelph as Secretary of Senate before I moved to Western for the UniversitySecretary job. It’s a really good school – very friendly people. Lots of cyclists! I think you’ll like it.

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