Sam is missing her holiday running streak and is looking for inspiration

That’s my poor sad injured knee. See here for details.


Also, boo hoo.

Usually at this time of year, I start to get serious about fitness. Remember december is the new january in which I talk about the end of my fitness break? I tend to take time off at the end of the cycling season and then start up again in November/December. Not this year!

While I am still lifting weights, going to physio, and lightly spinning, there’s no big fitness-y thing going on for me over the holidays other than healing my knee. This really matters to me because I want to start my new job and find a place to workout there and not worry so much about nursing knee injuries.

But I confess what I am really missing in my Holiday Running Streak. I’d kind of grown attached to the thing. I’m fishing around for some other daily thing I can do. It can’t be anything that involves legs/knees. Not planks. Suggestions welcome!

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Sam ran every day for a week and guess how she feels?

I also really like the Matt Frazier’s (he’s the No Meat Athlete) 50 Lessons from a Running Streak.

What do you think?

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