We’re streaking! Join us?

Image result for streakingI’m not a big runner. Injuries plague me. But, I love running short distances. I also love having an exercise plan in place to keep me happy through the holidays. See december is the new january.

People hear that and think I mean weight loss. I don’t. But I am an introvert. I find the increased social demands of the holidays stressful. It’s also grading season for professors everywhere. And it’s the start of winter and I need a push to get me out the door.

So bring on the running streak. Here’s the Runners’ World version: The goal is simple: Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 24) and ending on New Year’s Day (Sunday, January 1). That’s 39 consecutive days of running.

I did it last year and loved it. See My holiday run streak complete!

I shared the Runners’ World pitch to our Facebook page  and instantly had company. Cate says she’s in. Then Susan. And now Amanda Lynn.

You don’t have to do the Runners’ World version to join in. Make up your own streaking plan.

We’ve all made modifications. I’m going with last year’s plan. I skip the run on the days I ride my bike big distances on the trainer, or ride more than 40 km outside. Cate’s had enough of the winter weather. She’s running on the treadmill. Amanda Lynn isn’t planning to run. She’s getting out for  a walk each day. So you do you. Whatever works for you.

Run Streak

How about you? Are you joining us? Comment below about your plan and what your rules are. We’d love to have you streaking with us.

7 thoughts on “We’re streaking! Join us?

  1. I’m taking the holiday weekend off, but doing my 6 days a week of running and yoga picked back up Monday. There’s a great article from ACE this month on the benefits of staying active during the holidays. Best wishes for a smooth 39!

  2. I’m in! I might need to tweak it, since some days I swim and weight train, but I like the idea of committing to at least 2K of running a day for the next 39 days.

  3. This is very timely – I’ve just signed up for a 30 day streak. It’s 25 Nov – 24 Dec, for the folk whose Christmas starts properly on Christmas Eve. I’ll probably add in Christmas Day too for the reasons you mention. But it’s not running, it’s 10 miles a day by bike, to be done outside, no ‘cheating’ on the indoor trainer – mind, I’m not in Ontario, like you, or north Switzerland where my co-signees are located. It’s unlikely to be significantly sub-zero for me, but there will be rain… and wind, and probably a fair amount of mud.

    Normal days aren’t so bad as I commute by bike anyway, and I can chose my time at the weekends (mostly), but I’m dreading the days going to and from clients’ offices: usually I drive down the night before a meeting and stay in a nearby hotel to get an early start the following day, so I’ll either have to get up early enough to get a ride in before driving to work (from where I drive a couple of hours to the hotel after work) or take a bike in order to do a (roughly) half-hour ride after I arrive (late). And then again, on the day I return home, it’s either early or late. Getting myself out the door if the weather’s bad is going to be hard…I guess it’s not a long enough period to really get a new early morning habit going.

    Good luck with your streak … my Christmas wishes will be for clement weather

  4. Hmmm… This sounds interesting. I don’t run, but I most certainly can walk. So maybe walking a mile a day would be a good thing, and not so hard either. Okay, I’m in!

  5. Sure I’m in. My modification is no running the day after my two weekly leg days, because ow, but I’ll commit to more than compensating on another day.

  6. Not doing it. I have a few reasons for not hopping on this bandwagon.

    One, I live in an area that is prone to bad weather. Sometimes the weather is so bad I can’t even get to the gym to run on the treadmill. Making a commitment like this is not practical.

    Two, I think that doing a short run as just another task to check off takes away from quality runs. Sometimes it takes me five miles to get into a good headspace. Unless there’s an injury or a safety issue running for just a mile is pointless. It just doesn’t do it for me.

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