The Rock Clock and My Week

I’m a morning person aiming to be an even more extreme morning person. I blogged about it here.

Currently I wake up at 6 pretty much without an alarm. While 4:30 is too early, and The Rock’s 4:00 seems impossible, I’m going to try for 5 am this week.

From The Verge:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets up at 4AM pretty much daily, while the rest of us mere mortals are still fast asleep and probably drooling. The hugely successful pro wrestler and Hollywood star has said that such an early wake-up call has a lot to do with his soaring career trajectory, and now The Rock wants to help wake up in the morning. He’ll even sing to you. Today Johnson announced The Rock Clock, an alarm clock app for smartphones that’s available on both Apple and Android. It’s free, and there aren’t any in-app purchases hiding anywhere. The Rock Clock, says Dwayne, is all about setting your goals and waking up early enough each day to tackle them. And to get it out of the way, there’s no such thing as the snooze button. Do you think someone like The Rock hits that thing multiple times every morning?

Why? The goal is to finish some writing projects before I start my big new job at Guelph in January. Also, morning exercise.

Sarah even sent me a link to The Rock’s new motivational alarm clock.

“Good morning sunshine. Yeah, that’s what the Rock just said. Open your eyes up! Get your candy a– out of bed.”

Here’s one person’s report of trying the alarm for the week. I’ll report back too.

5 thoughts on “The Rock Clock and My Week

  1. He’s so fun. Ugh, I’ve made several concerted efforts to become a morning person. I’ve done circadian resetting books and plans and even lived in Florida. My body is adamant. So I embrace evenings the way Morning people embrace the sunrise. Perimenopause has yet to be a total game changer haha.

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