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My Mom has an uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with almost anyone. She can deftly determine, what, if any, connection she has with her new acquaintance and how they can help each other out. It’s a gift, to see the connection between people and naturally network everyone you meet into your social support.

As I get a bit older I appreciate how Samantha pairs activity with socializing and I’ve tried to do a bit more of that this past year. It’s been a lot of fun.

But then there are times when one must get together with friends simply because you want to have some fun, maybe even some shenanigans, and you don’t even need to exercise as a reason. Sure social support is a big part in me making healthier choices AND I need to remember to just relax and have some fun too.

So I’m having some sportsing friends over tonight to laugh and eat and dance and celebrate all the fun things we did this season and plot for more merriment this winter. Are you doing anything to mark the changing season? How does your social support network impact your fitness?

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