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Bike to school day is October 8th

From the London Cycle Group:

Get Out of the Car – Take the School Drop-Off Challenge!

If you normally drop your kids off at school, consider getting them back on their bikes. October is “Walk to School” month, and Wednesday, October 8 is “Walk to School” day. Find out more about Active and Safe Routes to School from the Middlesex London Health Unit.

If you don’t have kids but normally drive to work or school, take the challenge yourself! Try to ride your bike to work most days in October. Tell us on our Facebook page how you’re doing!

Bike and Gear

Kids always seem to grow over the summer!

  • Check to make sure their helmet fits well. This video from Schwinn offers a helpful guide to helmet fitting.
  • Check if the seat needs to be raised. The toes of both feet should be able to touch the ground comfortably.
  • Check the bike over at least once a week together with your child. Pump up the tires, make sure the brakes work, and oil the chain. Here are basic instructions for cleaning your chain.


School-age kids may be old enough to travel to school by bike, but your family’s comfort level will decide whether or not parents go, too. Some things to do with kids who want to ride their bike to school:

  • Review the route together.
  • Review turn signals.
  • Make sure their bell is working.


Dress for the weather and to be seen:

  • When kids’ clothing is bright, others will see them better.
  • Together check the weather each day so the kids learn to plan to wear weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Plan for layers – outer wind and rain-resistant shell, with a warmer layer underneath that can be easily taken off at school.


On School Property

When school is in, rules about bikes on school property are designed to make sure all kids are safe:

  • Students are expected to walk their bikes on school property during school hours.
  • Find out where bikes are stored during the school day.
  • Have a lock and practice locking the bike in the storage area.
  • You may want to advise your child’s teacher that your child will be riding to school.


2 thoughts on “Bike to school day is October 8th

  1. There are some rare schools in Vancouver, Calgary (and probably Toronto) that do have cycling students. By the way, it’s incredibly rare to see children biking to school in Calgary in winter snow.

    Note; Calgary, Alberta is the same latitude as Timmins, Ontario. We get winter cold as low as -25 degrees to -30 degrees C. several days per winter. Yup.

    By the way, the Canadian cycling advocacy world doesn’t hear much from the London Ontario world. I would suggest there needs to be a few enthusiastic advocates at the provincial and national level. (My partner is steering something nationally….)

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