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Making Space: Day 5

Let’s start with awarding a gold star for your efforts so far.

A gold-coloured glass​ star-shaped ornament lies flat on a wooden tabletop. The gold paint on the ornament has a crackled effect.
Image description: a gold-coloured glass star-shaped ornament lies flat on a wooden tabletop. The gold paint on the ornament has a crackled effect.

Even if you haven’t managed to make any space for yourself yet, you have been trying to find that space and your efforts count.

Changing patterns and getting into the habit of making space for yourself make take time, and that’s ok.

Maybe today is the day you can fit in one or both of these videos, or even part of one.

Everything counts!

I love this warm-up from Fitness Blender. It’s short, it’s straightforward, and it has enough variety to keep me from getting bored.

A warm-up video from the Fitness Blender YouTube channel. The still image features a person with long blond hair in black workout clothes standing with one foot on the ground and the other foot raised behind her in mid-kick against a white background.

And as for meditation, I thought we’d check out a waking meditation today.

A walking meditation video from the MyLife YouTube channel. The still image is of a light green circle against a darker green background. Text I’m the circle reads ‘Mindful Walking’

Whether you try these videos, try other videos, or try something all your own, I wish you ease, peace, and space today.

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Go Team! January 15: Put on Your Dobok (or bandana or fancy socks or…)

If you are having trouble getting in the exercise frame of mind, creating an external cue might help.

Let me give you an example:

Last Sunday morning, I participated in an international online superclass for Taekwondo .

When I registered for the class back in December, I hadn’t noticed that it started at 7:30am Newfoundland Time.

I was excited to take the class but 7:30am on a Sunday seemed really hard. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get into the Taekwondo ’zone’ and that I wouldn’t get as much out of the class because I would be sleepy and uncoordinated.

Luckily, I was wrong.

Even though it was early, even though it was a Sunday morning, even though I was online instead of in a class, once I put my dobok (my TKD uniform) on I was in taekwondo mode.

It was a kind of magic. One minute I was sleepy, grumpy, and vaguely regretful about committing to this. The next, I was awake, interested, and ready to get moving.

My dobok gave me an exercise context, it was an external cue.

After all, I only put my dobok on for Taekwondo. I don’t put it on to lounge around the house or to run errands, I put it on because it is time to go to class.

And, it turns out that any time can feel like class time…if I put my dobok on.

Obviously, most people won’t have a dobok but you probably have a piece of clothing or gear that symbolizes exercise for you, an external cue that will put you in a movement frame of mind.

If you don’t have one yet, it might be a good time to start developing one. Find something you can use or wear every time you exercise so, eventually, that item will tell your brain that it is time to get moving.

(A category of item can work just as well as an individual one, i.e. wearing any bandana around your neck could be an exercise cue, it doesn’t have to be that specific red one.)

Do you have a piece of clothing that puts you into exercise mode?

If so, what is it?

If not, what *could* you use to help you slip into that zone?

Keep up the good work, Team, building habits takes conscious effort and, like I said the other day, it’s okay to give yourself what you need to support those efforts.

Here’s your gold star for today!

A  multi-sided gold star ornament hangs on an orange-coloured wall.
Another day, another gold star.
Keep up the good work!