Go live your best life!

Thursday was my six month check in with the knee surgeon. I passed the flexion tests with flying colours. I can bend my right knee well over 90 degrees. And he was impressed with how well I’m walking without the cane. All good.

I’m cleared for return to work. I can drive again.

At the end of the visit I was asked if I had any questions. I see the surgeon again at twelve weeks.

I asked whether I could ride my bike outside and if there was anything I shouldn’t do with my new knee.

I laughed at his reply, Lead your best life!

He said most people are more self limiting than they need to be.

I know the list of things not recommended after knee replacement surgery–contact sports, downhill skiing, running.

But I also know lots of people stop doing other things after knee replacement.

It’s got me thinking about training and where I want to set my sights. Knee replacement or not, so many of us slow down as we age and the reasons why are complicated.

I’ve worked so hard at physio in the past year that I’m wondering about keeping it up. What might some stretch goals be? Obviously I want to get back to long distance riding. But what have I stopped doing that I want to add back on?

I’d like to do more hiking and some more back country camping.

I definitely want to keep lifting weights and get stronger, both because strength feels good but also because it matters for healthy aging.

I’m wondering about Aikido, basic movements at least if not full on training.

This week I head back to the gym and do some workouts that aren’t physio. It’s time and I’m excited about it.

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