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Go Team 2023! Check in with yourself

So, Team, back on January 10, I was inviting you to figure out what knowledge, experience, and information you had gathered about yourself and your new habit/plan at that point.

That wasn’t just about noticing (although noticing is good, too), it was about assessing how well your plans and systems were developing and making the choice to continue as you were or to adjust as needed.

Today, after 24 days of practice, I‘m inviting you to check in with yourself about the same overarching sorts of things.

Are your systems supporting your plans?

Are you mostly able to do your habit-building tasks when and how you plan to do them?

Do you find yourself happy/content to do those tasks? Or do you feel neutral about them? Or do you dread them?

Does your goal still make sense to you? Do you still care about it?

Have any of your priorities changed?

Do you know anything now that you didn’t know on the 10th or on the 1st that affects how you want to proceed?

Have you gathered any information about yourself, your systems, your approach or about anything else that will be useful for you in other contexts/for other projects?

Maybe you’ll ask yourself these questions, or questions like these, and conclude that everything is going grand.

Maybe you’ll ask yourself these questions, or questions like these, and discover that you want to change things up.

Maybe these questions will reveal things that you can save to apply elsewhere.

Either way, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check in with yourself about this stuff. Otherwise, it’s too easy to end up plodding along with something just because we ‘might as well finish what we started.’

As you can probably tell, I vote no on that.

I want better things for you.

I want you to have plans and goals that serve you well and I want you to have the systems and support you need to follow through on those plans.

Even if those plans, goals, systems, and needed supports change over time.

I’m wishing you ease and self-kindness as you consider these questions today (or whenever!)

Here’s your gold star for your efforts to reflect, to move forward, to make plans, or to get enough rest today.

Go Team!

A drawing of a happy-faced gold star on a swing
A drawing of a cartoonish gold star (with bright blue eyes and a big grin) sitting on a swing and holding on to the strings of the swing with her two side points. The swing is black and the background is blue with purple dots. There’s a thick dark purple line at the bottom of the image.