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Go Team 2023! Or you could start big?

All of my advice so far has been about taking small steps, keeping an even pace and being prepared to start over and over while building your habits.

All of that advice is comes from a combination of science and personal/coaching experience.

The slow and steady approach works most often.

That being said, I have also had some success with starting big – as long as the big start was for a short time frame.

So, if a small start isn’t doing it for you, maybe you might enjoy trying the other extreme and going big at first and slowing down afterwards.

This might look like a 5 day challenge to do something for an hour a day, or it might look like committing to a month of daily journaling, or it might be a long hike every weekend for three weekends in a row.

Because these bigger projects are short term, yoI can probably temporarily rearrange your life to accommodate them.

The key here is to recognize that the point of these short-term-go-big challenges is to give you a jump start, a big win that can set you on the path to developing a more sustainable habit that will work better with your day-to-day.

A short term intense start can give you lots of good information for moving forward. It can show you the parts you like or don’t like about your planned habit. It can give you a sense of immediate accomplishment. It might even give you a few skills or a boost in wellbeing that can help you move towards making activities like this a part of your regular routine.

As long as you recognize that a big start is only intended to be short term, it can really help.

Unless you are person of leisure or a professional athlete, you probably don’t have the capacity to include those huge tasks every day for the long term. And, in fact, people of leisure and professional athletes can probably only do it because they have a team of professionals supporting them in the process.

Basically, most of us will do best with a small start that builds our habit piece by piece but someone of us will enjoy starting with a big splash.

But no matter which approach you choose, you have to be kind to yourself and try have reasonable expectations about your time, your capacity, and your results.

Here’s your gold star for today’s efforts – big or small.

A gold star against a background of large blue circles and purple circles.
A drawing of a gold star against a background of large circles, some purple with black speckles, some blue with black pinstripes and some plain blue. The white spaces between the circles are lined with blue pinstripes.