How’s your January going? Sam’s is looking up

I didn’t realize how bad last January was until I read last year’s January check in post. Sometimes I even forget that we had a stint of remote teaching and work from home last January.

Checking in for January 2022: What’s your January mood?

This January, things are looking up. I’m writing this from the Workshop in Normative Ethics in Tucson, Arizona. It’s a terrific conference which brings junior and senior philosophers together for a weekend in the desert. It’s very nice to be back together in person again.

What’s so good about this conference? Deliberately the feedback is constructive and the papers are improved and published in a volume of Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics. In general there’s a lovely engaged atmosphere, lots of conversation, and very nice people.

I got to meet a few graduate students who are interested in my work and that’s always lovely too.

When you’re not listening to papers, there’s nearby hiking and other options too. This year Sarah is going for a horseback ride.

Yesterday my knee was even feeling good enough for an after lunch hike. Yes, it’s true. Aging joints like the desert.

Here’s some photos.

So for me this January is looking up. After the conference we’ll even see if I remember to ride my bike outdoors.

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