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Go Team 2023! You Are The Cake

Ok, I can hear you from here:

“I am the cake? What the hell is Christine getting on with today?”

Well, Team, I am in full cheerleader mode and I am about to go all in on an analogy.

(Or perhaps I am going all in on a metaphor, my brain won’t sort the difference right now so you can choose whichever one feels right to you.)

Just roll with it.

Sooooooo…you might be working on new habits, trying to develop new patterns, adding or subtracting things in your life, but all of those things are details.

You are good just as you are, whether you change those details or not.

You, in fact, are the cake and all of those things are icing.

Actually, truth be told, some of those things aren’t even icing, they are sprinkles or those hard little silver balls that you’re never exactly sure you should eat.

Since you are the cake, you have substance, you have worth, and you are delightful, no matter what form you are currently in.

Hell, you are terrific even if you feel like you are a bowl of cake batter at the moment.

You might be a cupcake, a sheet cake, a layer cake, a cake pop – it doesn’t matter – you are still marvellous.

Sure, you can experiment with different types of icing, with sprinkles, or with decorations, with anything that you feel would enhance your life but those enhancements are not required – you have pre-existing goodness.

So, if you try one kind of icing or a specific type of decoration and you find that it doesn’t feel right or that it doesn’t suit you, scrape that stuff right back off and start again.

You aren’t an icing display.

You aren’t a decoration shelf.

You are cake and you are good, just the way you are right now.

Please keep that in mind if those icing details ever start to feel lIke they are overshadowing your wonderful cakeishness.

So, on that note, I wish you ease and self-kindness, my delicious teammate.

Here’s your star for your efforts today.

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