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Go Team 2023! Take It Day By Day

I’m trying to be a good example today.

Yesterday, I planned for today’s post to be about systems and capacity.

Today, however, some family admin tasks took over my morning (as these things do) and I don’t have time to actually write the post I had planned.

Sometimes you can follow your plan, sometimes you have to plan in the moment based on the resources you have at hand.

Right now I have 10 minutes, a photo, and an idea, so I’m going to do the best I can with these resources and then do a more thorough job on that intended post tomorrow.

And that’s ok.

If YOU are realizing that your plans or tasks for habit building are going awry today, you don’t have to abandon them entirely.*

It’s ok to change your plans or your tasks to match the time or resources or energy that you have available.

Changing your plans or tasks is not ‘failing’ – changing your plans or tasks is being responsive to the situation at hand while keeping the big picture in mind.

I’ve responded to the changes in my day by writing a different post than I had intended. I’m still working toward my big picture goal – providing encouragement for anyone reading this – I’m just going about it in a slightly different way for today.

By the same principle, any work you do today, whether it is the work you intended or something else, can still help you move toward your goal.

And no matter what you are working on today, no matter how you are going about it, I wish you ease.

And here’s a gold star for your efforts.

A drawing of a gold star against a purple background.
Image description: A drawing of a gold star against a purple background with a gold line framing it at the edges. The drawing has thin black lines decorating the inside of the star and the star itself is resting one point on a black line beneath it so it kind of looks like it is on a tightrope.

*By the way, it is also ok to decide NOT to work on your plans for today. Sometimes something’s got to give and you’ll have to decide to be kind to yourself about it. Days like that happen to us all from time to time. 💚