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Sam dreams of dancing

I love this dancing video, have watched it a few times, and it provided moments of cheer. I won’t belabor the point but physio is boring and painful. That’s not exactly news. But wow, I’m doing a lot of it and I’m needing to remind myself why.

Why did I have knee replacement surgery anyway? Okay, there’s the mundane everyday stuff. Like, it’s nice to be able to come in the grocery store to get groceries rather than waiting in the car.

Yes, it had come to that.

I also want to take Cheddar for longer walks and walk between meetings on campus. I look forward to sleeping through the night without knee pain.

All true but there’s also fun stuff I’m looking forward to. Everyone asks about running but the thing is I’m never going to run again. Yes, some people do run after knee replacement. Some people even race. But me, I’ll be sticking to low impact activities like walking, hiking, and biking.

I may return to martial arts though my inability to kneel might ruin that.

One fun thing I’m definitely looking forward to is dancing. I’ve written before about dancing. See here. I promise I won’t worry about bad dancing. I’m going to embrace my inner Muppet. See you on the dance floor!

Dancing Kermit

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