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Swimsuits: we’ve had some things to say

Yes, it’s August. School will be starting soon in lots of places in the Northern Hemisphere. But that doesn’t mean we’ve already hung up the swimsuits and stowed the beach towels. Oh, no– far from it. Especially with the extreme heat many of us have been experiencing in the US and Canada, we want to be in water as much as possible. But what to wear?

Well, we at Fit is a Feminist Issue have got you covered, so to speak. Here are some blog posts that address a variety of your swimwear concerns. Here are just a few of our posts, in case you are desiring some consultation. Read, enjoy, and make sure not to get your phone or computer wet…

Bettina: Swimsuit options, the ethical edition

Catherine: Beyond the one-piece/two-piece dilemma: swimsuit options we’re loving

Diane: Why is it so hard to find athletic swimsuits for larger swimmers?

Sam: Take your batwings and fly far far away

Tracy: What’s going on when even the Europeans are starting to cover up? Poor body image crosses the pond

Elan: Bodiless Swimsuit Ads Reinforce Body Norms Too

Tracy: Inclusive objectification, anyone?